ReproJ Fair

The Reproductive Justice Fair and Roundup at Judson Memorial Church on June 7, from 2:30 to 4:30 pm was filled with exciting performances, activities and events.

People were able to join us there even if they didn’t walk! And the walk ended here, too, so that people could enlarge and enrich the conversation.

It focused on Reproductive Justice across the country!

Some of the activities:

Claudia Schneider performing “The Siege,” excerpts adapted from This Common Secret by Dr. Susan Wicklund.

Kate Manning signing her book, My Notorious Life, about a fictional Madame Restell — proceeds go to the New York Abortion Access Fund.

The NY Abortion Access Fund offered information and literature!

Melissa Madera conducted taping for her abortion stories podcast, The Abortion Diary Podcast.  Listening posts of previous recordings were available.

Rev. Donna Schaper of Judson joined in a discussion about her work on the historic groundbreaking Clergy Consultation Service, begun at Judson.

Jennica Carmona and Linda Obasi performed in Jessica Carmona’s brand new play, Choices, about an undocumented immigrant needing healthcare.

Live interactive calls could be made by cell phone with abortion or adoption counselors around the country, ready to tell people what they would need to do to get help, cope, make decisions! One call to an original member of JANE, as if you were seeking her help in 1970; other sample calls taped by Backline!

ReproJudson displayed its photo memes promoting the faith-based reproductive justice movement. janebill3[1]

Instant Poetry: Create it with a stash of words for actors to read!

Our This Is Our Life space featured archival books, buttons, posters and items — a contraceptive scarf, a Dr. Tiller button, a Lisa Link original.

Sex educator Adjoa Sankofia Tetteh, MA, CHES, CLC, answered people’s questions!

Selections presented from from 40 Days of Prayer, a pro-choice pro-faith response to the Religious Right’s 40 days harassment endeavors, by Rev. Becky Turner of Faith Aloud in Missouri!

Sue Davis appeared with her book, Love Means Second Chances.

The Doula Project displayed full-spectrum model.claudia schneider

Planned Parenthood of New York City  offered its brilliant display of information and materials.

Wearable and hang-able by Heather Ault, 4000 Years for Choice; were released as door prizes!

On-site activism … refreshments … congeniality!

Heather image
Artistic Direction, Stacey Linnartz; Production management, Rachel Goddard; producer, Cindy Cooper (Words of Choice).  Consultants on the Walking Tour: Lise Brenner, Emily Gallagher.