Our New York Walking Tour:

We walked in Lower Manhattan — Tribeca, Soho, West Village … historic buildings with a rich resonance for the past and present.

The Walk Began at Chambers and Hudson, 1 Hudson Street on the NW corner.
map with walk marked
It ended with a Reproductive Justice Fair at Judson Memorial Church at Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village, enter 239 Thompson St.
between 4th St. (Washington Square) and 3rd St.

Length and Time (Approximate): Distance 1.5 miles, 90 min- 2 hours.
Here is a downloadable map: Downloadable map reproj walking tour.

Some Views:
Historic and contemporary sites, with performances along the way:

–Do you know where the largest condom manufacturer in the U.S. got its start over 100 years ago?

–Can you imagine the thriving businesses of ‘women’s doctors’ like Madame Restell, who took care of women’s needs for birth control, contraception, maternity housing — even when the law didn’t agree with them?
Motherless CROP two abortion pill

–Any ideas on what a woman immigrant today must go through to get her reproductive healthcare needs met?

–Wonder what fueled Flo Kennedy, the African American lawyer who helped challenge NY’s oppressive abortion laws in 1969?

–How much diapers cost a parent at a NY drug store?

Where We’ll End:
At our ending site, Judson Memorial Church Assembly Hall, entering on 239 Thompson (side street betw. W. 4th and W. 3rd), we will have complimentary refreshments and A REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE ROUNDUP and FAIR, going beyond NYC to Reproductive Justice across the country and the world!

–Hear about the Clergy Consultation Service from Sr. Minister Donna Schaper and ministers who provided counsel on where to get abortions before Roe v. Wade. Meet Rev. Becky Turner of Faith Aloud in Missouri.

— Performances by Claudia Schneider (from This Common Secret by Dr. Susan Wicklund), Jennica Carmona-Aranedia, and more

–Tell your abortion story for The Abortion Diary podcast with Melissa Madera

–Ask the Sex Educator!  See a Doulah!  Get Literature!

–Instant poetry! Interactive phone calls across the country!

–Meet author Kate Manning, “My Notorious Life” and buy a signed book

–Visit our artifact table! Buttons, posters, items from everywhere! A wonder to see.

–Complimentary refreshments
Be part of an historic adventure that will be documented for use and replication around the country!