10 Tips for Doing a Reproductive Justice Walking Tour Anywhere

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Toolkit 10 Tips for a Reproductive Justice Walking Tour 
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Toolkit: Reproductive Justice Walking Tour


Plan a Walk, Ride, Drive, or Scavenger Hunt in Your Community!



Goals…             Topics…            People…

     Research…     Sites…       Enhance…

                 Script…        Collaterals…             


                                  Do It

1. GOALS.  What do you hope to accomplish? We wanted to show how Reproductive Justice was a critical part of our lives, and to generate new conversations.  Read our goals.

2. TOPICS. Think broadly, using Reproductive Justiceabortion, contraception, birthing, parenting, maternal mortality, opposition groups, immigration, economic stability, environmental safety; freedom from racism, harassment, unfair policing, intimate violence, rape; voting and civil rights; LGBTI equality.

3. PEOPLE. Who is connected to these topics? Where have they spoken, visited or taken action in your community?

4. RESEARCH.  Look for one or two “achor” sites that highlight your goals, and everyday sites, too.

~a) Download this specially designed chart to get your brainstorming goingFinding ReproJ Locations in Any Community

~b) HOT TIP:  Consider a hospital, a police station (people who are or were arrested for providing abortion in the past or pregnancy-related actions today), a pharmacy (where all those menstrual and birth control products are sold, along with diapers and other needs), a garden (herbs used for abortion or contraception), courts, a faith-based institution that opposes or supports abortion, sites of billboards, an election polling site, a place where speakers rally.

5. SITES.  Start with 8-10 sites in a one mile path.  

~~a) STARTING POINT: Find a convenient location where people will gather

~~b) PATH: Map it.

~~c) ENDING SPOT: Gather people and keep the activism going.  We held a Reproductive Justice Fair at the progressive pro-ReproJ Judson Memorial Church with literature, tabling, interactive events, refreshments.

6. ENHANCE! Consider SURPRISES that walkers will encounter — people who will perform a song or poem, deliver a historical speech, tell their stories, or guide handouts (like a 1920 condom ad).  You might even do an event on a single property or a scavenger hunt with the same ideas in mind!

7. SCRIPT.  From your RESEARCH, write one-paragraph blurbs for 8-10 SITES. This will become your SCRIPT for the walking tour.

~~ Look for quirky facts and comments — quotes, archival material, news items.  (Our FINDING REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE SITES download might give you some ideas:  Finding ReproJ Locations in Any Community.

8. COLLATERALS.  Make materials to hand out.

~~ a) ACTIVIST CARD: Have takeaway info.  Here’s our activist card info for free downloading — Reproductive Justice ACTIVIST CARD Walking Tour.

~~ b) MAP — People like to carry one.  Here’s ours: Downloadable map reproj walking tour.  (Consider an APP, too!)

~~ c) PROGRAM — Here’s ours: Program and Bios for Walking Tour FIN rv

9. MARKET. Essential! Consider a date that has resonance. (We picked the anniversary of Griswold v. Connecticut, a major Supreme Court decision on legalizing birth control.)

~~ a) START EARLY.  Get going 6-8 weeks in advance.  Consider fundraising possibilities, a ticketing service. We use Brown Paper Tickets to keep track of who is coming and keep out pests.  We donated half the income to an abortion access fund.

~~ b) PRINT.  We created a catchy design, and printed cards, fliers and posters.

~~ c) SOCIAL MEDIA.  Of course! Create a Facebook event, simple website, Tumblr, Twitter, and whatever you can.

~~ d) PRESS.  Disseminate listings and a press release (here’s our release).

10. DO IT! Put it all together!  Enjoy, and share it with the rest of us!  Documentation is important — photos, video, write-ups, Storify! Send them to us and we’ll post!  Here’s the video of our walk!